Side Effects: The Hidden Agenda of the Pharmaceutical Drug Cartel

We are all praying to a new God these days, and this deity is called “drug.” Thus, we are made into believers of a new religion – the drug religion. How does a society get to a point where it believes that a drug is an answer to life’s problems? With drugs, we believe we can solve all difficulties. Well, we soon discover that it doesn’t solve them. When we get sick, we think a drug will help to make everything fine again. We come to believe, by the bombardment of suggestive advertising on TV and radio, and in magazines and newspapers – sometimes subtly and sometimes with force – that a drug will take care of our emotional duress. When we have disagreements with our partners, there is a drug that will fix that, too.” 

So begins the book “Side Effects”.  From there begins such a roller-coaster ride of information that you will sit in disbelief as you read it.  Published by Present Time Books and now available, hard cover, $25, plus shipping. Order now.  

Here’s what some of the experts interviewed for the book say: 

Ulrich Sommer: “They came in good faith to receive help for their specific condition and often after receiving the prescription to ‘handle’ the condition were not only not improved but also presented with an additional health problem which required another drug.” 

Kevin L. Snead, D.C.: “Every drug has side effects. The pharmaceutical companies know this and so do the doctors. Side effects are, in most cases, written on the prescription bottle and so the patient knows them too, but sometimes not all the side effects are listed and so the patient and often the doctor is left in the dark.”"They have so many side effects that are treated by even more drugs, that it is hard to know what is actually happening to the first illness they began the treatment for.”  Dr. Arlen J. Lieberman:Cocaine is pharmacologically similar to Ritalin. The apparancy is that the drug works. In actual fact, testing has shown that kids on these drugs do not do any better, as far as grades, concentration or even in longer term study habits are concerned, than kids that are not on drugs. In fact these kids do a little worse. And another thing, studies show there is a higher incident to becoming addicted to street drugs. Ritalin is even being sold as a street drug these days.” Dr. Benoit O. Choiniere:”“Basically, they are taking medication that they don’t need because the physicians just didn’t know what else to do but to prescribe it.” Dr. Julian Whitaker: “Just taking them off their medications and replacing their drugs with vitamins, minerals, and other therapies yields miraculous results.”
“The majority—the overwhelming majority—are taking inappropriate drugs.”
“They want drugs like statins, Ritalin, Zocor, Zoloft or Effexor to fan out to incredibly large segments of the entire population. That’s their goal. And that is a major difference from not only 50 years ago, but a major difference in the whole history of medicine.”
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