Nurses Call to Arms

A Call To Arms
Violation of Children’s Right to Health and Wellbeing

Whereas children have a right to their health and wellbeing and to grow up free of harmful drugs and any damaging practices;

Whereas recent news headlines have brought the issue of the use of psychiatric drugs and Electro-Convulsive Therapy (ECT) on children and adolescents to the forefront;

Whereas we, as Nurses, can no longer stand by and condone these harmful practices as they violate our Nurses Code of Ethics provision 1.4 and violate basic Human Rights Articles 3 and 5;

Whereas suicidal ideation, attempts, and completions under the influence of psychiatric drugs have risen to disproportionate percentages when compared to the whole of our society;

Whereas medically sound physiological testing and reporting has produced conclusive evidence that ECT permanently damages the brain tissue and psyche of the individual undergoing this treatment, and memory is being destroyed randomly for the individual;

Whereas evidence exists, and is now being investigated under both private and class action lawsuits, that certain pharmaceutical companies did withhold and suppress information regarding the side effects of their psycho-active drugs on patients in clinical trials and yet have marketed and profited on these drugs, despite known harm to children and young adults;

Whereas psychiatry condones and promotes the off-label (non-FDA approved) use of psychotropic drugs, essentially exposing children and adults to unknowing experimentation;

Whereas parents are not being given Full Informed Consent on the diagnosis of “mental disorders”, specifically that no objective medical tests exist that can diagnose any disease of the mind and in fact no mental disorder has ever been scientifically proven to be a legitimate medical condition;

Whereas parents are not being given Full Informed Consent on the side effects of psychotropic drugs before these drugs are given to their children, including cardiovascular damage, endocrine damage, physical and emotional dependency, suicidal and homicidal thought manifestations, extrapyramidal syndromes and allergic reactions exist while on these drugs;

Whereas parents are not given Full Informed Consent on the alternatives to psychiatric therapies such as physical illness testing, allergy to food and substances testing, metal and toxic element testing, hormonal imbalances and endocrine system testing, physical neurological pathway adjustments and chiropractic therapies, cognitive and communication based therapies, educational remedial therapies and nutritional assessment and nutritional remedy therapy;

Whereas parents are being given monetary incentives to have their children placed in special education programs and therefore do not seek any other explanation for the behaviors of their children under the false labeling of a psychiatric disorder;

Whereas children and adolescents are being subjectively assessed and labeled with psychiatric diagnoses that have no basis in biologic testing but precipitate the administration of harmful medications and treatments;

We, as Nurses, by signing this Call to Arms, declare that we collectively call for the cessation of the coercive and fraudulent use of psychiatric, psychoactive, or psychotropic drugs and ECT on any person 18 years and under, and that the practice of drugging children or electric shocking them shall be illegal and punishable by law. We demand a full Federal investigation on these practices and request our politicians to enact laws that forbid this practice in the United States of America and its territories.

Kenneth W. Thomas, RN, BS
Arlene Tessitore ASN
Elizabeth Bartlett, M Ed, MSN, FNP

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