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Real Reasons for the Chemical Imbalance Theory

Saturday, July 7th, 2012

I’ve had such a repulsion for the Chemical Imbalance theory from the very first time I heard of it. As evidence mounted on the false claims regarding this, I also examined why so many people would just adopt the idea and be happy with any mental health diagnosis given to them without challenging it or really examining it. In Dr. Timothy Scott’s great book “America Fooled”, it was clearly evident the research was skewed and unreliable. Others spoke out and laid open the evidence that supported the falseness of the concept. Yet, advertisements on TV and magazines continue and most everyone in the medical arena speaks about this as if it’s a known FACT, it’s indisputable, and “everybody knows” this is true.
In a recent article in PsychCentral, the University of Baltimore in Maryland found evidence that certain parasites can alter brain chemicals and CAUSE depression and suicidal thoughts. Toxoplasma gondii, a parasite found in animals but can be transferred to humans via uncooked meats and unwashed vegetables, and has been found to infest in the brain itself causing neurotoxins and altering our very own brain chemicals. Now to me, this makes so much more sense than just saying the brain is causing it’s own imbalance bacause of some hypothesized flaw. Here we have a causative agent, which can be screened for, tested for, found and treated to relieve the symptoms of depression. This, to me, is why people innately believe the chemical imbalance theory. They do know something is wrong up there (in their heads), they just don’t get the right WHY or Causative Agent. Psychiatry stops looking for causative agents with their labeling and medication schemes. They are not good scientist at all. They take a poorly researched theory, knowing it proves nothing, but vehemently cry out that this is true and you can’t change yourself for the better and you will be this way for life. And, you must take these god-awful drugs, too.
Nurses should question our current system and how we go about labeling and drugging these human beings without really going for the correct causative agents. There is always something that is causing depression and suicidal thoughts. Whether it’s environmental toxins, nutrient depletion, or parasites, let’s not get caught up in the “slap a bandaid on the problem” with our drugging of people who come to us for help. They need real help and nurses should be giving it to them.

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