Four Facts You Need To Know

1. Mental disorders are diagnosed by a list of behaviors and feelings. No objective medical tests exist that can detect a mental disorder–no brain scan, no blood test, no chemical imbalance test.
2. Psychiatric disorders are defined in the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Of the 170 panel members who wrote the manual, 95 (56%) had one or more associations with pharmaceutical companies. One hundred percent of the members on the panels that defined “Mood Disorders” and “Schizophrenia” and “Other Psychotic Disorders” had financial ties to drug companies.
3. Per the FDA, the side effects of psychiatric drugs include mania, psychosis, depression, suicidal thoughts and death.
4. Medical professionals can perform medical tests to detect any potential underlying physical cause of unwanted mental health symptoms.

If ever there was a fraudulent medical practice, psychiatry’s biologic theory of mental disorders is one of the biggest in the history of mankind.

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