Anatomy of a Suicidal Society?

I had a family member who was an alcoholic (has sinced passed on). Alcohol made him feel “better” during the time he drank. He was very uncomfortable physically and emotionally when he wasn’t drinking. This prompted more drinking. Despite the evidence of liver damage, digestive damage, etc with alcohol consumption, he continued. Evidence came out that it caused changes in brain tissue. Changes, that is, for the worse. This did not sway him. It finally added to his demise.

I finally concluded, and this came from affirming my conclusion the more I worked with and around addicted people, that there is an element of self destruction, or suicidal intention, for those that I saw in this personal trap. I have no other explanation why someone would take a poison into their bodies on a routine basis until it killed them or produced a related illness that did kill them. At least not after they KNOW the facts of what it is doing to them and others.

But what happens to a culture of people who take such poisons despite the evidence that it harms them? Does our society really learn from it’s past mistakes? Let’s examine one such situations.

Britain’s The Independent has an article revealing that benzodiazepines causes brain damage over time. Author Nina Lakhani reports that the makers of Valium and Librium, the benzodiazepines I am most familiar with, had research pointing to this fact and this was stifled by those that did not want it known. This we find is what our Big Pharma’s do when they find adverse reactions and side effects that slow their sales of their drugs. This is not an exception. This is the Order of the Day for them. From the article itself:

“Catherine Hopkins, the legal director of Action against Medical Accidents, added: “The failure to carry out research into the effect of benzodiazepines has exposed huge numbers of people to the risk of brain damage. This research urgently needs to be carried out, and if the results confirm the suspicions of the 1981 expert group, it could lead to one of the biggest group actions for damages against the Government and the MRC ever seen in the courts.”

Initially advertised as completely harmless, benzodiazepines (“benzos”) were touted as the world’s first wonder drug in the 1960s. Within a decade they became the UK’s most commonly used medication.”

My point is that we have psychotropic drugs being prescribed everyday that do the same thing as the benzo’s. As a matter of fact, the advertising and literature pretty much spout the same message, “New Wonder Drug”, “Safe to Use”, “Minimal Side Effects”. We see the same reports for our SSRIs, ADHD, and Anti-psychotic drugs today. AND, as a society, we are ignoring the facts found and we continue to take them. So what does that mean? Is this the same intention as my self-destructive family member? Should I conclude that this is a suicidal intention on a societal basis? Or even more evil, should I conclude that it is justified and covertly a homicidal intention on the part of drug makers and prescribers? What do you think?

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