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What’s Making You Mad? or BiPolar? or…

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

One of my friends has a great blog devoted to scientific facts that relate to psychosis and mania induced by environmental elements. Now if the psychiatrist really want to be experts and exert their erroneous chemical imbalance of the brain theory, here’s is where they can make some headway. (no pun intended)

 Investigational mental is a great resource on the ongoing evidence that your problem is in your brain BUT due to outside influences of known toxic substances and not neuro-chemical imbalances. Since that theory has never been proven and only hypothesized, we can pull out all the big pharma money and put it where it belongs -  in the detoxification and removal of harmful chemicals from the human body. Get that - not adding harmful chemicals to your seven year olds brain but removing them. Maybe grandma is going off her rocker…she’s toxic! What if you have symptomless lead or arsenic poisoning in your system and you’re depressed. What do you think will happen if you are given another toxic chemical called Zoloft and it ab-reacts to those hidden toxins? You might get a little agitated instead of sedated. You might also put your liver over it’s limit and die. That fact is actually happening. So, visit the blog and get some education. Scientist are on the right trail here and many clinics are offering chelated IV therapy for removal of substances in your body. Take advantage of it. Also check out Orthomolecular Nutrition at their website.

UN Investigating Psych Behavioral Facility-JRC

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

The UN has been contacted about the methods used by the Judge Rotenberg Center for their “treatment methods” to unresponsive children to regular therapy. The US Dept of Justice is also looking into their methods. What are those methods? Imagine putting an electrical stimulus device on your 5 year old. Whenever the 5 year old does something you don’t want them to do, it delivers a shock to their skin painful enough to deter them from the unwanted activity. Ouch, they won’t do that anymore, will they. Unfortunately, you’re talking about kids who have trouble controlling their compulsions to the point of being shocked up to 30 times a day. They wear these devices even in the shower and in bed. Over 30 Human Rights organizations have put their names on the document to the UN regarding what is equivalent to torture in my opinion. It’s not the only thing apparently they do to subvert unwanted behavior. They apparently lock them up for time out, restraints, and food deprivation. Seems psychiatry has not learned anything from their past. Punishing people for being mentally ill does not work. I reference the Industry of Death DVD from CCHR. I hope nurses and medical personnel decide NOT to participate in such things as obvious abuse tactics to other human beings. I only hope there are no nurses in this center or Nurse Practitioners who lend their professional techniques to abusive treatments. We do have a choice in what we do to for a living and there are many choices within nursing itself. We should boycott any such treatment.

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