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Environmental Causes of ADHD vs “Chemical Imbalance”

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

As more evidence comes forth, the mounting existence of environmental causes of ADHD symptoms should give us better ideas on treating our kids than with the harmful stimulants we offer them now. Researchers at the University of Montreal in Quebec have evidence that fruits and vegetables tainted with pesticides can undoubtedly cause symptoms attributable to the false label of ADHD, which is believed by psychiatry to be a chemical imbalance. Because there are no blood tests that can help a psychiatrist make such an absurd statement, or radiological study, to treat a child by over-stimulating them until they are calm with cocaine-like drugs because of a false idea does not take the responsibility of causing irreparable damage to young people’s nervous systems. Attorneys throughout the US and Canada are now finding success at litigating exposures to toxic chemicals upon individuals and I see that exposing children and the elderly to needless toxins called psych drugs is coming soon to a courtroom near you.

What also is alarming to find out is that 20% of high school kids are abusing drugs. That may not be surprising to people my age since we sort of started that fashion with marijuana and alcohol, the drugs the new generation is abusing are prescription drugs. Reporting earlier that Ritalin, Adderal, and Concerta have become the new gateway drugs for other drug use, we are finding that addictions and mis-use with these drugs are the drugs of choice now that so many students get mislabeled early in their school careers. School nurses need to be more effective in challenging the national trend of getting as many students on Learning Disability lists and “Exceptional Child” lists so their schools can enjoy the funds the Federal Government sends them to help with those kids. Legal Nurse Consultants should take up the banner and help their attorneys identify needles systemic drugging of children. Insist on testing them for toxins, heavy metal poisoning, and allergies before labeling with a chronic “disease” called ADHD. Let’s stop this madness.

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