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It’s About Time! Eli Lilly admits wrongdoing…

Monday, January 19th, 2009

A Loss In Faith of Medical Research and Government Vaccination Programs a Trend…

Saturday, January 10th, 2009

CBS News reports a trend in parents foregoing the routine and sometimes mandatory vaccination of their children. Mothers are citing their ” mistrust of the government, a mistrust of the pharmaceutical companies, and mistrust of the big blanket thing that says this is what everybody has to do”. More and more parents are saying “no” to routine MMR vaccinations and absolutely “NO” to the offer of Hepatitis vaccinations for their newborns. With the invention of vaccinations, lives were saved in whole communities from the ravages of common communicable diseases. Whole disease enitities like Polio were suddenly extinguished from the general population. So what happened?

It’s my belief that this trend is fueled by the failure of the FDA to protect the general public from harmful pharmaceuticals. Something created a situation that relaxed the availabillity of drugs with harmful side effects to proliferate through the society. It is more common to have a drug pulled from the general population AFTER there are a significant number of deaths reported then not approved by the FDA. It can be up to ten years after the use of the drug has done its harm before it’s pulled or given Black Box Warnings. How many of the mentally ill getting first generation antipsychotics and antidepressants would change their mind after developing EPS? Tardive Dyskinesia? Heart dysrhythmias? What happened to allow this trend of disbelief in pharmaceutical research and why did it happen at all? You have to read this book to find out: Side Effects: The Hidden Agenda of the Pharmceutical Drug Cartel by Present Time Books.

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