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Lawsuits mount against antipsychotic medications…

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

Here we see one of the many articles showing up in the press everyday regarding the side effects of present day “atypical” antipsychotics. The profoundly damaging side effects continue to damage the users without hope for recovery from their mental illness and now their newly developed physical illness. The area that is most interesting to Legal Nurse Consultants and Attorney’s should be the area of state welfare and Medicaid. While scholars debate whether a psychiatrist can determine if a small child is depressed, suicidal, or “at risk” for emotional trauma the states Medicaid systems are pouring antipsychotics into children at an alarming rate. Their use is off label and against FDA guidelines. It will take the intelligence and tenacity of our Legal Nurse Consultants and Attorneys to litigate these areas and defend successfully the Human Rights of our children to not be damaged by these drugs in their formative years and to bring under the law the psychiatrist or medical doctor who insists that using these drugs are helpful, not harmful. Nothing could be further from the truth and I applaud my Legal Nurse Consultants and Attorneys who will take the fight to them for all the right reasons.

The beat goes on as side effects of drugs continue in the headlines…

Friday, August 8th, 2008

The underbelly of the pharmaceutical industry is exposed and vulnerable to litigation as mounting evidence grows that informed consent leaves out crucial side effects from the majority of drugs on the market. This article from Pharmalot indicates a social concern for how much and how often drugs are put on the market with known side effects-the most hidden being death. In an editorial from US RECALL NEWS, pharmacist Larry Gohlbom states,”The attorneys in our country have a history of bringing about safer products and protecting our citizens. This is a challenge to attorneys everywhere that an opportunity is being missed. I hope this post will help creative people understand that the opium plant, the same opium plant that has devastated societies for the last 5,000 years, has raised its influence once again in our lifetime. The drug companies call them pain killers. The addict calls them roxies, oxys and blueberries.” This really is the heart of the matter. To protect more patients and trusting consumers from addicting, harmful, and debilitating side effects of drugs, Legal Nurse Consultants, Nurse Attorneys, and Malpractice Attorneys in general should spearhead a movement that will impact our future society for the better. Curb the proliferation of damaging drugs in our society. Offer a milder alternative even if it’s not as effective as a pharmaceutical but gains some relief of a medical condition, and for god’s sake stop damaging our children with psychotropics.

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