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Heat increases on Pharma not disclosing Side Effects…

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

Just when you think you’ve heard everything, something new shows up. The Public and Media has pounded Glaxo regarding the suicidal side effects of Paxil, an SSRI antidepressant. Evidence is now available that it also causes congenital heart defects and it was not revealed. It is my opinion that the pot is beginning to boil over and Big Pharma’s secrets are about to be exposed on a wider scale. I’m so convinced of this that I, along with two other authors, wrote a book detailing the history of Big Pharma and what we see as the conspiracy to produce side effects as an advantage to them to market other drugs to counter-act those side effects. But there is more. We interviewed 10 experts in their field regarding treating patients and what their viewpoints are in this area. It’s eye opening! Dr. Julian Whitaker, MD tells me something in this book that blew my socks off. It’s both hairraising and depressing in what I found out. But the good news is there is a better way around this issue and it’s discussed in the book’s final chapters. Nurses should¬†buy this book, which hits the stands in July 2008, and confront this issue headon. You can read what some of the experts have said in the book here. This issue is not going away. Nurses should think and read outside the box on this and see for themselves as to what is the truth about health, medication, and our societies chance at remaining healthy, sober and able to function in trying times.


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