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The Fraud of the Bipolar Child…

Saturday, May 24th, 2008

The Huffington Post again allows Dr. Peter Breggin, eminent psychiatrist, to explain the fraud of diagnosing children with the label “bipolar” and outlines the consequences of psychiatric treatment. I thought Dr. Breggin brought out an interesting point in how the absence of a strong, involved father can help children with behavior problems. I think nurses have a good instinct about this. As I talk to my fellow nurses on these issues, we mostly agree that stiff discipline and good control help a child when growing up. It’s an unfortunate statistic, but a lot of my peers are single mothers raising children while working full or part-time jobs in nursing. Most have told me that they find themselves having to be stronger than they really want to be with their children in the discipline arena. They tell me that they run their kids lives to the furthest degree they can while working. They stay in touch on the phone and with sitters and family members and guide their daily activities. They all know¬†the consequences of leaving your children un-managed. I have heard thousands of success stories from nurses who have successfully raised their children despite not having a father around and getting them through college or at least gamefully employed. This is no easy task today. This is also true about single fathers raising children. These women and parents demonstrate what love can do for a child’s development. My hats off to my fellow single-parent nurses. What we don’t need is a psychiatrist telling a parent that their child has a chemical imbalance and that they will always have it and they need these toxic psychoactive chemicals forever. This is fraud, a lie, and should be outlawed in an era where Human Rights should be to the forefront and the guidepost that it was intended.

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