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Antidepressants no better than placebo…

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

The Financial Times reports that researchers found no evidence that today’s SSRIs had any effect on treating depression. According to their findings after reviewing over 50 clinical trials “we found that new-generation anti-depressants worked no better than a placebo – a dummy pill – for mildly depressed patients”. This is what Dr. Timothy Scott also brought to light in his wonderful book America Fooled. Dr. Scott showed clearly that the clinical trials were skewed toward showing effectiveness when really they were saying that they had no better effect than placebo.

What’s also interesting about the article is that the recommendation by a mental health charity called MIND that urges General Practitioners “to consider alternative therapies such as exercise – particularly outdoor exercise – which it believes has shown to be very effective in combating depression”. SSRIs are a dangerous drug to be handing out in our society for the very reasons of earlier articles…the creation of violence. Nurses should not be supporting the use of SSRIs for depression when clearly the best practice is diet and exercise. First, do no harm. Healthier lifestyles are the answer to our mental health issues.

While US Congress debates on waterboarding…US Mental Health system tortures with shock!

Monday, February 4th, 2008

People have a fascination with electricity these days. Who hasn’t laughed at the drunk getting tazered for being obnoxious. We are then horrified, at least some people are, with the idea of waterboarding enemy prisoners. Most captives survive physically with the “near drowning” experience of waterboarding, at least that’s the argument that it’s not harmful. This isn’t the case here in our own US Borders under today’s mental health system. This article in Mother Jones details the use of electric-shock as an aversion therapy. While most survive the incidents of these shocks, some live with long-term emotional scars from the abuse. Is this the best that psychaitry can come up with in treating mentally handicapped, autistic, and emotionally troubled kids? Any nurse who would support such therapies should turn in their license. You have violated your Nurses Code of Ethics at it’s core. Read this article and then sign the petition below:


Anti-seizure meds increase suicidality…per FDA

Friday, February 1st, 2008

A release by the FDA warns practitioners that anti-seizure meds increase the suicidality of patients as compared to placebo. There is no doubt that a practitioner should be including this information on Informed Consent.

“The higher risk of suicidal thoughts and behaviors was observed at one week after starting a drug and continued to at least 24 weeks. The results were generally consistent among all the different drug products studied and were seen in all demographic subgroups. There was no clear pattern of risk across age groups.”

See the letter and list of meds here:


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