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Eli Lilly settles 900 personal injury cases….more to come!

Friday, January 25th, 2008

In the Indy Star it’s reported that Eli Lilly has settled 900 cases of personal injury regarding their anti-psychotic Zyprexa. It should be important to nurses that giving these patients, now damaged by this drug, the full scope of the possible side-effects would have been considered full informed consent. When a drug company does not disclose these side-effects so that nurses and physicians can then weigh the consequences of this treatment and other alternatives, it puts us professionals in a legal nightmare as much as a moral one. Knowing these antipsychotics can produce these effects, how then can we prescribe them to growing children? Without evidence that there is a physical reason for the mental illness as a causative source, and depending on an interpretation and theory of research data for it’s rationality for giving such powerful drugs, we have an ethical duty to 1) know all we must know about a drug to be given, 2) know what the dangers are regarding a specific drug therapy, 3) know alternatives to that specific drug therapy, and 4) provide the patient with that information, untainted by the informers personal opinion, of the above 3 points so that said patient can make a decision…”do I want to accept this therapy” or “I would rather have the alternative therapy”. This story should alert you to the situation we nurses are being put in…we aren’t being told what the real dangers are, we are giving human beings damaging drugs without evidence based results from long-term trials, and we are not informing these patients of alternatives.

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