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Psych workers use shock treatment as punishment…

Monday, December 24th, 2007

In November 2007, a report surfaced that an LPN and a psych aide used electric shocks, used in an aversion therapy(GED), to punish two resident teenagers in the facility. This story, here provided, is disturbing to the core. Firstly because a nurse is involved. Secondly, because we are still using this archaic, obviously abusive “therapy”. It disturbs me, and should disturb you as well, that we use any “therapy” that involves causing pain to a patient. This is a human rights issue…torture can not be disguised as “therapy”. Having your skin shocked, is painful. Full ECT shock is painful. It’s abuse and should be outlawed since there is no evidence that it actually makes a person better. On the contrary, it only makes them worse. I am calling out all you nurses who are supporting this practice to re-read your Nurses Code of Ethics and point number 5 of the Declaration for Human Rights AGAIN. You have a misunderstood concept and should not be practicing nursing in my opinion. A patient puts their health and lives in your trust. When you use outright abuse as a therapy, no matter what a false “science” has said about it’s usefulness, you are not practicing nursing. We are not sheep, we do not follow MDs blindly. If you don’t have the guts to stand up to any MD, psychiatrist, or manager telling you to do something outright abusive to a patient, GET OUT OF NURSING! We need thinkers, we need moral and ethical practitioners, we need heroes, and we need courageous bedside and community nurses who will say no to any therapy that pretends to be helpful when it clearly is not. Stop using electric shock devices on people. It’s abusive. It violates their human rights. Sign this petition:


160,000 deaths due to Zyprexa worldwide!…more than the Iraq War!

Friday, December 21st, 2007

Zyprexa makers looking for approval for use in Children…

Monday, December 17th, 2007

St. Petersburg Times writer Robert Farley exposes the plan that Eli Lilly seeks FDA approval of the harmful anti-psychotic Zyprexa for use in children. Despite the lawsuits already on Lilly’s head, the drug maker is pushing for use in children. Zyprexa causes significant weight gain and diabetes in some cases, and with no known blood analysis or brain scan to diagnose schizophrenia, depression or bipolar disorders, we are putting our childrens’ future health at risk because of behavior problems. This drug is being used off-label for depression and anxiety in adults. How depressed are they going to get when they gain 30 lbs.? Do you know of any teenage girls who won’t get depressed when their weight goes up? This is just more evidence of the insanity that arises from a pharmaceutically driven practice such as psychiatry. An overhaul of the mental health field is sorely needed as there are other solutions to childrens’ behavior issues that do work and are not chemically based. Nurses should not be so quick to follow the status quo in psychiatry today. It’s a train ready to derail…   read the article here:

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