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Psychologist disagrees with “experimentation” of drugging children

Friday, November 23rd, 2007

Dr. John Grohol, Psychologist, writes a great blog article in Nurses for Human Rights agrees with Dr. Grohol and other great Psychologists like Dr. John English who decry the practice of using adult drugs on children without adequate testing. It is N4HRs view that such practice is “experimentation” and violates the Human Rights of children. Biological Psychiatry has no proof of their physiologic link to their faudulent disorders for mental health. They are desparately looking for something they can claim as proof for making billions of dollars from and for the pharmaceutical industry and justify their practice.

Read this great article/opinion and make a decision of what kind of nurse would allow this to continue with so much evidence now available of the damaging effects on the neurologic and mental health of these kids? This practice violates our Code of Ethics for Nurses.

Sign this petition and let’s let the legislators know we want this investigated and changed:

BBC reports ADHD drugs are ineffective long-term…

Monday, November 12th, 2007

As suspected, more long-term studies are now available on the effects of psycho-stimulants on our children. The BBC reports a multimiodal study of 600 children since 1990 in the US finds that the ADHD medicated children DID NOT do better in learning as compared to those who were not placed on medication, that the children suffered stunted physical growth, and long-term use has been reported to create children/teenagers with aggressive behavior. The study made the bold summation “There’s no indication that medication’s better than nothing in the long run.”  Here is evidence-based practice staring us in the face. Nurses who blindly go on supporting this practice are violating our CODE OF ETHICS and pass off some written form of consent for FULL INFORMED CONSENT which should be informing parents of these findings. At this point in our knowledge base on psycho-stimulant use in children, we should be demanding an FDA reversal on approving these drugs for anyone under 18 years of age. Sign this petition and let’s correct our mistakes before we damage a whole generation of young minds:


Nurses take the lead in heavy metal toxicity detection…

Saturday, November 3rd, 2007

In this article from Advance for Nurses online magazine, author Sandy Keefe, RN outlines the need for early detection of lead poisoning in young children. Once more, she identifies the link between lead toxicity levels and ADHD and learning disorders. In her article she notes that there are health centers on campus at schools with Nurse Practitioners available to test any child who is identified as having learning disabilities. They do the correct action of doing a full physical workup looking for known causes of ADHD symptoms, namely lead poisoning. There is no quick referral to psychiatry for psycho-stimulants that only mask the real problem. My hat is off to those nurses who see the light. Physical illnesses can and will produce mental and emotional symptoms that can be corrected with proper testing and medical intervention.


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