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Gross Human Experimentation Continues…

Sunday, September 23rd, 2007

You would think that our society has a conscience, that the medical community was interested in safe practices, and that nurses were vigilant and conscientious about what we give some patients as drug therapy. This article is from 2006 but is still relevant today. Nurses still give children off-label psychiatric drugs like it’s an antibiotic. One drug is equal to another drug is equal to all drugs, etc. We don’t question, as a group, what we are assenting to when we give that ADHD drug to a child at school, or to that pedi cancer patient who “might” become schizophrenic or depressed. Moody kids at age 1 are given anti-depressants because they “might” become depressed later on and/or suicidal. Despite no real evidence from researchers in biological psychiatry’s academia for physical reasons for their mental disorders, we treat them “as if” they were real brain or chemical disorders. This violates our Code of Ethics for Nurses and Human Rights Article 5. We have Nurse Practitioners writing prescriptions for Zyprexa and Zoloft because it’s the standard that their MDs use. No questioning about alternatives or better solutions ever cross their minds because this might upset the MD and they could lose their jobs. All I have to say here is that if I have to live a life as a nurse and in performing my duties I knowingly harm my patients future with harmful drugs, then I should quit the profession and go back to hammering nails or waiting tables. Even that is more honorable than to continue to give children nervous-system-damaging drugs that are going to ruin their lives while I put my hours in and pick up my paycheck without a thought of what I’m doing to our future adults. Shame on us !!! Read this article, then sign the petition and let’s change this practice…



Babies given anti-depressants in New Zealand

Monday, September 10th, 2007

Major concerns on the practice of giving anti-depressant drugs to infants and children under age 8 in New Zealand. This report identifies the concern of practitioners that this practice is a bit shady. In the US, the FDA has not approved their use on young kids, yet, psychiatrists and pediatricians continue to push these on our youngest population. This is a human rights concern BECAUSE there is no long-term effect study available on the effects on the nervous systems of growing children and at this time there ARE known, negative side-effects of these SSRIs on nervous systems in both teenagers and adults. This is experimentation and violates basic Human Rights. There are NO safe psychiatric medications for children. Read this article and give me your opinion.

Sign this petition to stop this abuse:

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