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Psychiatrists are PAID to drug your children…

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

New York Times writer Gardiner Harris exposes the dirty secret behind closed doors and under the table dealings. If you are wondering if someone is profiting from the disproportionate increase in psychotropic drugs given to children at an increasingly earlier age, here’s an answer. But I’m betting that most nurses think this is acceptable treatment and that America has the most mentally ill children on this planet. I DON’T AGREE. Nurses have a Code of Ethics that puts us responsible for our patients welfare before any other socially acceptable, “don’t rock the boat”, we are the hand maiden’s to the all-knowing doctors of psychiatry. Let’s don’t be asleep at the wheel. Nurses drive the quality of healthcare. It’s our interactions with patients and behind the scenes coordination with other healthcare workers that produces positive outcomes for our patients. It’s obvious to many of us, including other MDs and Psychiatrists, that the pharmaceutical industry has undue influence in the treatment of the mentally ill. And if they aren’t diagnosed with the new “disorder” of the week in the DSM, they’ll make one up soon enough. What I am asking of you, my fellow nurses, is to LOOK for yourself and see if you don’t find something amiss in this area of medical practice. It’s my intention to change the course of treatment of the mentally ill to less coercive, more humane treatment. Back in the late 1800′s, in America, the mentally ill were housed on farms with clean rooms, open windows to look out upon pastures of nature, and given work on the farm as therapy. This was actually a workable environment until WWII and the German Psychiatry infiltrated America with it’s Eugenics viewpoint. Look for yourself, read this article, support House Bill 2387, sign the Nurses Call to Arms below.
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Pediatrician questions current standard of care of children with bipolar diagnosis.

Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

Dr. Lawrence Diller practices behavioral/developmental pediatrics in Walnut Creek, CA. He brings to the forefront what nurses should be questioning for themselves. The Standard of Care for children with bipolar disorders has no substantiative evidence as a biological illness and the drugging with psychotropic drugs should be stopped. It’s a bad practice. It’s going to be found that we are worsening our children in the long run. Let’s don’t bring up the fact that the FDA has not approved any of these drugs for children or the fact that the parents are not given FULL INFORMED CONSENT about their side effects. Nurses should be searching their own personal ethics before giving another child or young adult psychotropic medications. Read the article from the Boston Globe and sign the petition below it.
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Bipolar diagnosing in children being questioned…

Monday, June 18th, 2007

The Boston Globe is providing a follow-up report on drugging children for mental health disorders and questioning the ethics of such proliferation of using psychotropic drugs on infants since the tragic death of 4 year old Rebecca Riley. One of the leading child psychaitrist, Dr. Joseph Beiderman of Massachusettes General Hospital, has been promoting the use of drugs on infants on the assumption that mental illness can be diagnosed “from the moment the child opened his eyes”. Despite the fact that there is no substantiating research evidence of any physical or physiological condition causing any mental illness, much less be reproducible in a lab setting, psychiatrists continue to push damaging psychotropic drugs on children at an ever earlier age. Nurses should not condone this damaging practice just because some “experts” say it’s real. Most of us are parents and know how to handle an unrulely child. It doesn’t require medication. It requires good parenting skills and good nutrition and proper rest. Go here to see the article and make any comments you want about it here. Also, sign the petition below.
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