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Important Mental Health Bill submitted HR 2387

Monday, May 21st, 2007

Go to this website:
Type in Bill number “HR 2387″
This legislation is important and should be supported by nurses as it puts into law that all Parents will be given FULL INFORMED CONSENT before any mental health screening or intervention is initiated toward their children. It also highlights the current situation and research regarding mental health in general. Rather than nurses just taking orders and robotically administering drug therapies, nurses should be protecting HUMAN RIGHTS by using our own Nurses Code of Ethics. Informing parents and patients of the side effects of psychotropic drugs and offering them alternatives to these therapies hits into the heart of nursing…treating patients to get them better, not worse. You can see the bill also on this website under Pages labeled HR 2387.

Drug Industry targeting children…

Thursday, May 10th, 2007

This article points out two very important issues for nurses. The story of Anya points out how parents are not given FULL INFORMED CONSENT before their children are being drugged with off-lable and atypical psychotropic drugs. Anya’s mother did not know what side effects she could expect from Risperdal nor was she given any alternative treatments for her daughter’s condition. This violates our Nurses Code of Ethics and should not have happened. Secondly, there was no evidence that Resperdal should be used for eating disorders, so a psychiatrist decided, and without consent, to experiment with using the drug on this 12 year old to help her gain weight. Human experimentation without consent is a violation of their HUMAN RIGHTS. Nurses should be calling for a cessation of this practice. Are you going to help me fight for their rights? Read the article, sign the petition:
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MD refutes psychiatry, recommends natural remedies for mental disorders

Friday, May 4th, 2007

Dr. James Howenstine was like any other medical doctor of his time, until he began looking into natural health remedies. He discovered what many of us discovered, natural remedies are a better option in most cases in treating human ills. When it comes to treating children and teenagers for mental “disorders”, he has a safer method than what psychiatry is offering. Nurses should be well versed in all health trends and I invite you to read his article and explore this area of health care for yourself. Nurses are as liable as MDs and ARNPs for adverse reactions to psychotropic drugs and what patients do to themselves and others while under their influence. The FDA warnings are clear. Nurses should be voicing their concerns about psychotropics and children because this is our most vulnerable patient population and their human rights should be protected. Off-label use of psychotropics on children should be STOPPED immediately because it’s experimentation. Read this article and then sign the Nurses Call to Arms petition below:
Sign the petition here:

FDA Proposes Extended Black Box Warnings on Anti-depressants

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

CBS News reports the FDA is seeking an extension to the Black Box Warnings to the age group of 18-24 years old. This is further evidence of the dangers of using psychotropics on young people and children. Nurses are liable for monitoring the adverse effects and for full informed consent when initiating these drugs. It is my contention that they should not be used at all on children and further studies be done on the alternatives to medicating children for behavior problems. Read this article and then sign the petition below it:

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