November 5th, 2013

JnJ Pays for Off-Label Marketing Ploy

Truth Revealed…on ADHD

May 17th, 2013

False Diagnosis Click and Read.

Newest discovery about ADHD causes…

March 18th, 2013

Does your ADHD child often have a runny nose, a history of lots of ear infections, eczema or asthma? If the answer is “Yes”, there is a good chance that allergies could be causing the ADHD symptoms.

A lot of people, even some doctors, don’t know that the same allergy cells that are in the nose causing the runny nose or in the lungs causing asthma are also found in the brain. So you really can have brain allergies. These allergy cells are called Mast Cells and they are found everywhere in the body and the brain. That’s why allergies can manifest in so many different ways.

When Mast Cells are activated they release Histamine and other allergy and inflammatory chemicals. This is why you might take an antihistamine. Histamine not only causes allergy symptoms but is considered to be a neurotransmitter as well. Just like Serotonin, Epinephrine (adrenaline) and Dopamine, Histamine sends messages throughout the nervous system and to the brain. That’s why allergies can cause ADHD symptoms.

According to the medical journal, The Annals of Allergy, children with allergies perform less successfully in school, across the board, than children who do not have allergies. This makes perfect sense once you realize that Histamine can send nervous system messages to the brain. The child may be trying to sit still, concentrate and behave but the constant release of Histamine just doesn’t allow that to happen.

The Annals of Allergy article stressed how significantly allergies can affect learning by making the statement that kids with allergies should not be required to take their final exams if they have allergies to pollens in the air at that time, unless the allergies are completely under control. That is a pretty strong statement but they were just making the point that allergies have such an enormous affect on learning.

Watch this short video to see the effects of allergies and ADHD.

Dr. Mary Ann Block

So You Say SSRIs Are “OK”?

February 12th, 2013

What Do Psychotropics Really Do For A Person?

November 19th, 2012

Real Reasons for the Chemical Imbalance Theory

July 7th, 2012

I’ve had such a repulsion for the Chemical Imbalance theory from the very first time I heard of it. As evidence mounted on the false claims regarding this, I also examined why so many people would just adopt the idea and be happy with any mental health diagnosis given to them without challenging it or really examining it. In Dr. Timothy Scott’s great book “America Fooled”, it was clearly evident the research was skewed and unreliable. Others spoke out and laid open the evidence that supported the falseness of the concept. Yet, advertisements on TV and magazines continue and most everyone in the medical arena speaks about this as if it’s a known FACT, it’s indisputable, and “everybody knows” this is true.
In a recent article in PsychCentral, the University of Baltimore in Maryland found evidence that certain parasites can alter brain chemicals and CAUSE depression and suicidal thoughts. Toxoplasma gondii, a parasite found in animals but can be transferred to humans via uncooked meats and unwashed vegetables, and has been found to infest in the brain itself causing neurotoxins and altering our very own brain chemicals. Now to me, this makes so much more sense than just saying the brain is causing it’s own imbalance bacause of some hypothesized flaw. Here we have a causative agent, which can be screened for, tested for, found and treated to relieve the symptoms of depression. This, to me, is why people innately believe the chemical imbalance theory. They do know something is wrong up there (in their heads), they just don’t get the right WHY or Causative Agent. Psychiatry stops looking for causative agents with their labeling and medication schemes. They are not good scientist at all. They take a poorly researched theory, knowing it proves nothing, but vehemently cry out that this is true and you can’t change yourself for the better and you will be this way for life. And, you must take these god-awful drugs, too.
Nurses should question our current system and how we go about labeling and drugging these human beings without really going for the correct causative agents. There is always something that is causing depression and suicidal thoughts. Whether it’s environmental toxins, nutrient depletion, or parasites, let’s not get caught up in the “slap a bandaid on the problem” with our drugging of people who come to us for help. They need real help and nurses should be giving it to them.

Medical Scientist Find Link between ADHD and Thyroid Conditions

January 28th, 2012

In Science Daily of March 12, 1997, a press release states medical researchers found a positive link between patients with ADHD and specific Thyroid levels. At the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Dr. Peter Hauser, Psychiatrist, warns “The correlation between thyroid hormone concentrations and symptoms of hyperactivity does not prove causality. What it does show is that thyroid hormones may provide a physiologic basis for the dichotomy between symptoms of inattention and symptoms of hyperactivity.”
ADHD is the most common mental health problem found in school age children. And while psychiatry freely admits that they do not know what causes ADHD or its symptoms, they justify the labeling of children and medicating them as having an incurable brain disease.
The CDC reports that by 2007, there were 5.4 million children 4-17 years of age diagnosed with ADHD, an increase of 22% from 2003 to 2007. As of 2007, parents of 2.7 million youth ages 4-17 years (66.3% of those with a current diagnosis) report that their child was receiving medication treatment for the disorder. Rates of medication treatment for ADHD varied by age and sex; children aged 11-17 years of age were more likely than those 4-10 years of age to take medication, and boys are 2.8 times more likely to take medication than girls. Children with Medicaid were more likely than uninsured children or privately insured children to have each of the diagnoses.
The medication of choice for this disorder is an amphetamine based drug given several different brand names such as Ritalin, Adderall, Focalin, Concerta, Dexedrine, Metadate and Vyvanse. Each of these has a stern warning on the packet insert to not be given to anyone who has a thyroid condition. Considering the findings in 1997 at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, how many children are being harmed by being placed on this stimulant without a thorough testing for thyroid disease? What typically happens with a person who doesn’t seem to respond to the medication at the usual dose, they will have their dosage increased and be thought of as “resistant” to the medication. In the case of hyperthyroidism, the symptoms mimic hyperactivity and impulsive behavior, and the result of an amphetamine with this thyroid condition is increase behavior problems. This results in children being given more medications to handle that behavior, or more psychotropics, in that they are typically are started on anti-psychotics to manage the aggressive behavior.
In an article written on September 17, 2010 by Helen Beden, HealthDay News reporter, findings were suggesting that MDs were jumping to antipsychotic meds for this same thing too soon, and that managing just the amphetamine based drugs could cause the aggressive behaviors to diminish or stop. This allows that children were unduly being put on a strong antipsychotic when it was unnecessary and still being a problem of medication adjustment today. Why is this still going on?
The problem with treating a disorder with no biologic origin as yet to be found with a stimulant that psychiatry freely admits in the APA’s Textbook of Psychiatry “do not produce lasting improvements in aggressivity, conduct disorder, criminality, educational achievement, job functioning, marital relationships, or long-term adjustments.” Furthermore, the NIMH publication concluded “the long-term efficacy of stimulant medications has not been demonstrated in any domain of child functions”. So why are they still given in such large quantities despite the evidence they don’t work? It’s because the stimulant “numbs” the child for the short-term, their neurologic systems overwhelmed by the powerful drug, and it seems to those looking at them that it worked and calmed them from their hyperactivity. It’s only later when they’ve been on this devastating drug for years that we find they have had to be placed on several drugs to combat their “resistance” to the amphetamine, and soon demonstrate depression, suicide, and dependency on drugs for living.

Four Facts You Need To Know

December 29th, 2011

1. Mental disorders are diagnosed by a list of behaviors and feelings. No objective medical tests exist that can detect a mental disorder–no brain scan, no blood test, no chemical imbalance test.
2. Psychiatric disorders are defined in the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Of the 170 panel members who wrote the manual, 95 (56%) had one or more associations with pharmaceutical companies. One hundred percent of the members on the panels that defined “Mood Disorders” and “Schizophrenia” and “Other Psychotic Disorders” had financial ties to drug companies.
3. Per the FDA, the side effects of psychiatric drugs include mania, psychosis, depression, suicidal thoughts and death.
4. Medical professionals can perform medical tests to detect any potential underlying physical cause of unwanted mental health symptoms.

If ever there was a fraudulent medical practice, psychiatry’s biologic theory of mental disorders is one of the biggest in the history of mankind.

Foster Kids More Likely to Be Placed on Psychotropics

December 24th, 2011

The New York Times reports that they find that Foster Children are more likely to be placed on psychotropics then the average child in our society. While this may seem reasonable to most nurses, following the belief that all children in foster homes are traumatized by the ordeal and such, I offer this viewpoint instead. Every psychotropic used on our children is off-label. It would be hard to find one of these children exhibiting schizophrenia or bipolar behaviors. Noted Psychiatrist and Human Rights Advocate Dr. Peter Breggin states in The Huffington post, “Now there is a Government Accounting Office (GAO) report confirming that foster children in five states — Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, Oregon and Texas — are receiving shocking amounts of psychiatric drugs. In the words of ABC News, they are “being prescribed psychiatric medications at doses higher than the maximum levels approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in these five states alone. And hundreds of foster children received five or more psychiatric drugs at the same time despite absolutely no evidence supporting the simultaneous use or safety of this number of psychiatric drugs taken together.” The ABC News report shows one 7-year-old holding a bag filled with 13 psychiatric medications that she had taken.”
It always surprises me that my fellow nurses agree to such things as this by administering meds off-label and condoning damaging treatment. It does not matter how many “reasons” you justify what you are doing, it is flat-out wrong to condone injurious therapies. Get a back bone and protest with us here.

Prescription drugs can alter your employment.

July 1st, 2011

Great article form the Seattle Times on prescription drugs causing denials of employment. Even when ligit, employers are becoming aware that some prescriptions can predispose workers to lowered performance. I would include psychiatric drugs under this as well. At least to the point they alter someones view and connection to reality, as reported by many, many survivors who say that they never felt themselves while on SSRIs or Antipsychotics and felt removed from the real world. Maybe this trend to medicating anybody and everybody willy nilly will finally have more of an economic effect on the users. Just my opinion…

More About Medicating Those “Pesky” Children…

June 4th, 2011

I never have to wonder what would happen if the mental health system we have today was allowed to do whatever it wanted to in the already infiltrated fields of education and juvenile justice systems. We already know what creating disorders like ADHD does to our “special needs” kids and the Federal Monies that flow into our public education system. Considering themselves the experts in criminality, sought for expert opinions on human behavior in the courts, and having delivered into their care the miscreants of our society, we see the following trend. In the Miami Herald, reporter Fred Grimm investigates and reports the alarming amount of off-label use of anti-psychotics and anti-depressants on the children held by the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ). This inflow of staggering costs for anti-psychotics are being prescribed by the psychiatrist already identified as being on the pharmaceutical companies “guest speakers” list and have received substantial personal income for supporting their use. Conflict of interest? Read Fred Grimm’s article and draw your own conclusions. Human Rights protect us from enslavement and the right to our own minds and thoughts without outside intervention in those processes. Drugs have never cured anyone of criminality. They are being used to sedate and manage active children with energy better directed in positive areas.

Take Another Look at Vaccines…

March 19th, 2011

Autism: Alternatives for Parents of Autistic Children

March 17th, 2011

Autism came into public attention in the 1940’s when Dr. Leo Kanner announced he discovered a new childhood disease. The incidence of autism was rare. By the 1960’s and 70’s, 4500 new cases were diagnosed every year. Today it is estimated 1 in 150 children (2009) are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum. A new case is diagnosed every 20 minutes in the US – 24,000 new cases a year. Currently there exists no test by blood work, x-ray, or neurologic mapping that can give an MD the objective evidence qualifying a diagnosis of Autism. The diagnosis is applied based on the common behavior changes seen in children within their development.
Most autistic children are identified by daycare and school personnel who are educated in knowing what to look for. Given a referral, they end up seeing a specialist to get a complete diagnosis. Many of the symptoms of autism can be mistaken for mental health symptoms, such as social aloofness or compulsive behaviors. While the education system supports the medical model of treatment, frequently none of the alternative viewpoints to autism are offered or even known by caretakers and educators of children.
Treating autism has become an international debate. While many drugs are prescribed to autistic children, none are directly used to resolve the condition. They are given to treat the symptoms and behavior manifestations associated with the label, similar to how mental illness is treated by pharmaceuticals. The symptoms of Autism have been defined in psychiatry’s DSM IV since 1994. Most of these drug therapies are psychotropic’s used to manage behavior. Controversies in using these powerful drugs and their known side effects make decision-making for parents tough.
Many families have been dissatisfied with modern medical models in treating their children. Because it is patterned by the behavior modification system popularized by psychology and drug intervention similar to psychiatry, it becomes too closely related to mental illness for the parents comfort. Parents have asked for more research and better alternatives to helping their children.

Dr. Thomas Myers is a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine in Wesley Chapel, FL. He has been practicing chiropractic natural healing methods for ten years. He spent just over five years in Lima, Peru before setting up in Florida. He’s also a Certified Athletic Trainer for the past seventeen years and maintains that certification today. His extensive training and experience gives him a unique viewpoint as to how the body should be working in order to perform at its highest level.
Along with his advanced chiropractic training, he is also trained in the Defeat Autism Now (Autism Research Institute) protocols, a set of assessment tools and interventions that create dramatic changes in the autistic spectrum of symptoms. His practice sees about 100 patients a week and he concentrates on children and childhood conditions. He has seen tens of thousands of patients over the last ten years and finds similar difficulties in today’s children. He finds and treats people with the following conditions:
1. Biological Toxins (i.e., mold and Lyme)
2. Environmental Toxins (i.e. herbicides, pesticides, and household cleaners)
3. Heavy Metals (i.e., mercury and lead)
4. Diet and nutrition
5. Lack of exercise
6. Physical alignment and postural issues
There are also trends he has noticed over the last ten years, “The trends that concern me are numerous. We are seeing diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc in younger and younger individuals. These diagnoses used to be reserved for individuals in their 50’s and 60’s; then that age decreased to 20’s and 30’s. Now they are showing up in our kids by the time they are teenagers, if not before.”
“Anytime the body malfunctions, there is a neurological component present; therefore, we work to restore it to the highest and best possible state of being. Let’s not forget, our body is very intelligent and wants to be healthy if given the chance. We just need to help restore it to the best state possible, and the body takes care of the healing.”
“By virtue of my training, I am able to treat the nervous system and neurological issues by accessing the spine. Both children and adults have seen a tremendous increases in psychotropic drugs, and this has been shown to frequently have worse side effects than the actual illness being treated.”
“I do believe this is accurately called a developmental disability, but in my opinion, is one that is acquired, and has a solution which does not necessarily require pharmaceuticals. In fact, our approach is completely natural, and has been found to have incredible results.”
It has become clear on researching autism on the many informative websites throughout the Internet that Autism is complex and requires someone who has the full overview of what can go on with a child in order to be effective in treating this syndrome. Someone who practices only psychiatry sees the problem only from the viewpoint of management of symptoms and loses the value of all other research and findings from both educational and alternative health means. For this reason, a practitioner such as Dr. Myers is able to pull from the best known assessment tools and interventions to help the parents treat the whole child, not just the behaviors.
“We use x-rays, highly-specialized laboratory testing, physical examination, and system evaluations. We have an online system review that can be accessed via our website. This will help us evaluate 14 different body systems of both, children and adults. It contains approximately 280 questions and takes roughly 15-20 minutes to complete.”
Dr. Myers doesn’t even really need a “label” for these childhood developmental difficulties to help these affected children. This viewpoint is what creates opportunities for healing. While his skill set includes manual manipulation of spine, if needed, to assist the nerve pathways and provide better health, his use of nutrition, exercise, rehabilitation, and dietary supplements allows him to treat the whole person in front of him.
“We have found that when these individuals’ bodies begin to balance, many health issues seem to just disappear as the body heals. We have also found that the earlier an individual can begin, the better the outcome, and the better the chance of full reversal.” This concept is echoed in all the treatment modalities for autism. The sooner it is discovered, the better the outcomes once treatments are begun.
“This process of healing has also been shown to require a family involvement (which is often the case with these health issues), and success is completely based on the dedication and consistency of the family, and compliance of the patient. Give me someone who is dedicated to the protocols and the time required for healing, and I will show you amazing successes.”
“We commonly see children and adults undergo treatments for many psychological issues which simply don’t respond favorably, or they begin responding, then the treatments stop working. This ends up turning into a method of what we like to call “Try Therapy”. Try this, and then try that… I am certain many of you have seen this in the treatment of many of today’s “illnesses.” The problem is that oftentimes these “illnesses” are, in my opinion, normal responses to a deeper imbalance of the body which, when left untreated, will only continue the current symptoms, cause new symptoms, and/or cause the current treatment to stop working. Perfect examples of this are the following two people with Autism.”
As a case history, Dr. Myers related this:
Take a young man age 18 who was previously treated using a popular form of alternative Autism treatment protocols. This young man is non-verbal, highly agitated, aggressive, impulsive, and has very jerky movements. The treatments stopped working, and they could get no further. We requested a lab test which demonstrated the specific areas being affected, created a specialized protocol and food plan especially for him, and after working for four weeks to balance his body, he began to respond by calming down, his jerky movements were more controlled, his agitation and aggression were decreased, and he began sleeping better at night. The change he has experienced in the early stages of his treatment has made an incredible difference in his family’s daily stress and ability to function. The next month, his speech therapist found him to be much less impulsive, more interactive, and even calmer. They also could not believe how much he had progressed in such a short period of time. Since he is even sleeping better, the entire family has benefited from his care! They are excited to see his continued improvement.
The second is an 8-year old boy who has severe Autism. He had been through many medications, therapies, treatments and doctors and was still unable to speak even a word. He could only grunt. His family decided that they initially wanted to add chiropractic care to see what difference working directly with his nervous system would make. After only ten visits, he began to formulate words, and gradually began putting words together like “Peanut Butter and Jelly,” and he began singing portions of songs. The family was absolutely thrilled as would be expected following 8-long years of silence! Since this is a recent case, everyone is looking forward to having him perform the specialized testing, and so begin the customized protocol.
A young woman who suffered from anxiety, depression, lack of energy, and a terrible rash in unmentionable areas had been to doctors across the county to solve her unstoppable issues. She had very little faith that we could offer anything different. After two specialized lab tests, we discovered the patient had severe imbalances in her neurotransmitters which are affecting the way her entire body is functioning. These neurotransmitters also play a direct part in the brain function and chemical equilibrium. After only one month of her personalized protocol, she felt happy, had energy and realized how her diet was affecting her skin and her attitude. We asked her to stop the protocol and the diet for the holidays before moving onto the next stage. Within 24 hours she called, begging to go back on it because she was woken up the previous night at 3 a.m. with a flaring rash, making her unable to walk; the anxiety and depression began to return and, on the day of the phone call, her energy level had plummeted. Once happily returning to her protocol and diet, she immediately saw great results.
The tests we run demonstrate exactly where the issues are, not where we believe them to be. This is the exact same method we use when treating people who are experiencing problems with depression, ADD, ADHD and a whole host of other problems. We test to see where the person’s system is out of balance, and work to stabilize that nutritionally. If we only treat the symptoms, which we do not believe in, we would reach the same outcome that so frequently happens. We reach a dead end, other issues begin to show up, and we fall into the ‘Try Therapy’ again.”
“Try Therapy” could be construed as experimenting. Children’s lives should not be a scientific experiment with uncertain outcomes. Parents need to be informed what a diagnosis of autism really means. They need to know that they have options and that there is hope and someone who can help.
“Imbalances in the body can cause emotional or mental distresses. We address these physiological imbalances to restore functionality and re-establish wellness.
Dr. Myers can be reached at World Class Chiropractic, 27732 Cashford Circle, Suite 101,
Wesley Chapel, FL 33544, phone number 813-973-8883. Websites can be found at: and
By Ken Thomas, RN

Sometimes Pictures Replace Words More Effectively…

February 28th, 2011


Anatomy of a Suicidal Society?

December 3rd, 2010

I had a family member who was an alcoholic (has sinced passed on). Alcohol made him feel “better” during the time he drank. He was very uncomfortable physically and emotionally when he wasn’t drinking. This prompted more drinking. Despite the evidence of liver damage, digestive damage, etc with alcohol consumption, he continued. Evidence came out that it caused changes in brain tissue. Changes, that is, for the worse. This did not sway him. It finally added to his demise.

I finally concluded, and this came from affirming my conclusion the more I worked with and around addicted people, that there is an element of self destruction, or suicidal intention, for those that I saw in this personal trap. I have no other explanation why someone would take a poison into their bodies on a routine basis until it killed them or produced a related illness that did kill them. At least not after they KNOW the facts of what it is doing to them and others.

But what happens to a culture of people who take such poisons despite the evidence that it harms them? Does our society really learn from it’s past mistakes? Let’s examine one such situations.

Britain’s The Independent has an article revealing that benzodiazepines causes brain damage over time. Author Nina Lakhani reports that the makers of Valium and Librium, the benzodiazepines I am most familiar with, had research pointing to this fact and this was stifled by those that did not want it known. This we find is what our Big Pharma’s do when they find adverse reactions and side effects that slow their sales of their drugs. This is not an exception. This is the Order of the Day for them. From the article itself:

“Catherine Hopkins, the legal director of Action against Medical Accidents, added: “The failure to carry out research into the effect of benzodiazepines has exposed huge numbers of people to the risk of brain damage. This research urgently needs to be carried out, and if the results confirm the suspicions of the 1981 expert group, it could lead to one of the biggest group actions for damages against the Government and the MRC ever seen in the courts.”

Initially advertised as completely harmless, benzodiazepines (“benzos”) were touted as the world’s first wonder drug in the 1960s. Within a decade they became the UK’s most commonly used medication.”

My point is that we have psychotropic drugs being prescribed everyday that do the same thing as the benzo’s. As a matter of fact, the advertising and literature pretty much spout the same message, “New Wonder Drug”, “Safe to Use”, “Minimal Side Effects”. We see the same reports for our SSRIs, ADHD, and Anti-psychotic drugs today. AND, as a society, we are ignoring the facts found and we continue to take them. So what does that mean? Is this the same intention as my self-destructive family member? Should I conclude that this is a suicidal intention on a societal basis? Or even more evil, should I conclude that it is justified and covertly a homicidal intention on the part of drug makers and prescribers? What do you think?

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